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AAUW National Convention 2017

Traci Jensen, Anne Amador, and I attended the National Convention this June in Washingto

n DC. The National AAUW is in the midst of many changes. The building that AAUW owned in the center of Washington DC has been sold and all offices have moved to a much more modern and new office building. We have a new CEO, Kimberly Churches, who spoke to the convention having only been at the job for two weeks! She is impressive, dynamic, and eager to start her time with AAUW. The newly elected Board of Directors with Julia Brown at the helm was announced. This was the result of “one member, one vote.” Every member of AAUW had the opportunity to vote.

Approximately 800 members came from all over the United States. The keynote speaker for opening night was Judy Woodruff, anchor for PBS News Hour. She has been in journalism for over thirty years. She gave a positive approach to news media of all kinds and talked about the challenges facing the news media in this time of instant social media.

The next day 800 women went to the “Hill” to lobby their senators and congressmen on strengthening Title IX positions and pay equity.  AAUW has just completed an in-depth study that shows women are the largest group facing college debt because of not being able to obtain pay equity. Twenty five Texas AAUW members went to Senator Cruz’s office and Senator Cornyn’s office, talked to their appointed aide, and gave them the research booklet and a folder with all of our names. Anne and I went to Congressman Culberson’s office and talked with his aide on the same issues.

Friday was spent in workshops concerning branch involvement, STEM, obtaining new members, standing for AAUW issues, education issues, and the tools to work with college women in AAUW. The plenary sessions included speakers and panel discussions with women in the legal advocacy field, the political field, and testimonials from those who have been helped by Title IX. The last night had a very special dinner. Dr. Trent, an amazing woman who is an AAUW PhD recipient, told her story about going from a forced child bride in Africa to becoming a PhD in America. Her work to bring education and health to her part of Africa was riveting. This beautiful story was followed by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She also had an amazing story of growing up with hardships only to become the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. Her passion and dedication to the Court system in America was inspiring.

It is always a special experience to be with women from all over the nation who share AAUW. Watch for the next national convention, which will be in three years, and plan to attend!

Nancy Guilloud

AAUW Texas State Convention

When:  April 20-22, 2018

Where : Houston, Texas

Embassy Suites ( Energy Corridor )
11730 Katy Fwy
Houston, Texas

West Harris County Branch
Fort Bend County Branch
North Harris County Branch


FAREWELL to all of my AAUW friends. I have been a member for 35 years, so I know a lot of you. I will miss all of the wonderful, intelligent, hard-working, creative, beautiful, and industrious women in this great organization. I will join another one in Wisconsin, but I already know it will not compare to the WHC AAUW. It is the only organization I ever belonged to that when the meeting was over, everyone didn’t run for their cars to get home. Not this group – they are still talking in the hallway (until the building closes), or in the parking lot. I guess we enjoy each other.

Our door is always open – so please visit if you are anywhere near Milwaukee. We do not know when there will be an opening in the Senior Center where we are going, but I’ll give you our address anyway, and will let someone know when we move in:

Village Point Commons
101 Walnut Circle, #1117
Grafton, WI 53024

With sadness, anxiety, and excitement,
Dawn Katz


AAUW Texas State Convention
When:  April 20-22, 2018
Where : Houston, Texas

Location: Embassy Suites ( Energy Corridor )
11730 Katy Fwy
Houston, Texas

Hosts:  West Harris County Branch, Fort Bend County Branch & North Harris County Branch



In late August Martha Ewell and I took 5 scrapbooks, 40 directories, 40 years of newsletters, 40 years of minutes, 25 years of EYH material, Inter Branch material, and assorted honors and certificates for our branch, to the University of Houston Library Special Women’s Collection. They will keep us informed as they start the process of archiving the history of our branch.

Thanks to all of you who so diligently preserved our history and accomplishments through the years!


There are many ways to gather funds to support our AAUW mission and tapping into corporate ‘pockets’ is one.  Here’s some updated information for easy, painless fund raising.

Participate in the Randall’s and Kroger’s community outreach programs.  Log on to each grocers’ web site or stop by their Courtesy Booth to link our AAUW-WHC number listed below to your respective card(s).
Randall’s Good Neighbors number:    1427  Randall’s is a one-time only card enrollment. (Last Quarter’s check: $55.55)

Kroger Community Rewards number:    16748 Kroger requires you to enroll your card each year.

SmileAmazon: West Harris County Branch AAUW Expanding Your Horizons is now set up as a SmileAmazon charity. With every qualified purchase you make at, our Expanding Your Horizons will receive .05%. All you need to do is logon to and get started. FYI…we just received our first Smile donation of $5.52. How easy is that!!


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