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Updated May, 2016


It is desirable that the first board meeting be held prior to the first general meeting of the WHC year in order to review the budget and proposed plans for the year.

Board meetings are open to any member desiring to visit; however, the visiting member will not be entitled to vote.

The last meeting of the year of the Board of Directors shall be a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming board members. All files, notebooks, procedural reports and leadership handbooks must be provided to the succeeding officers with the exception of the Finance Officer.

It is helpful for the incoming president to call an Executive Board meeting prior to July 1, the beginning of the WHC fiscal year.


Non-members may attend general meetings or interest/activity groups no more than two times without paying dues. Spouses and significant others are exempt from this policy.

Scheduled speakers shall be contacted a month before the program to verify the content of their presentation and program description.

Program titles and descriptions in the yearbook and newsletter shall be clearly stated and match content of presentation.

Cards shall be provided to record questions and comments for the speaker if needed, and submitted for response at the end of the formal presentation.

Branch business shall take place after the presentation of the scheduled program speaker(s).

Announcements to be made shall be given to the President prior to the general meeting and shall be presented at the after completion of the scheduled order of business.


At the November board meeting the Board elects one or two members of the Board of Directors and three or four members from the general membership to serve on a nominating committee (five members in total).

Request for nominees is announced in the Dec. and Jan. newsletters.

Names of nominees are reported to the board in February and posted in the March newsletter for election at Annual Meeting.


Budget preparation:

All expenses incurred during the fiscal year – July 1 through June 30, shall be submitted and reimbursed within 30 days after the end of that fiscal year. Any expenses not submitted accordingly shall be considered donations.

All officers and chairpersons of standing committees shall submit their budget requirements to the Finance Officer before July 1.

The proposed budget will be presented at the first board meeting of the year. The Finance Officer shall send the proposed budget prior to the board meeting so that everyone has time to consider.

The expenses of the President or of a designated representative while attending AAUW conventions or workshops shall be paid by the branch to the extent possible.

A minimum of $200/year will be incorporated into the budget to meet the expenses of the members attending National, State and Regional conventions, conferences, and workshops.

Provisions for purchase of needed software to perform necessary communication duties shall be included to the extent possible.


An itemized dues notice, including dues deadline, shall be placed in the May and June newsletters each year and distributed electronically.

The timing of dues notices shall take into consideration other requests for revenue.

Student affiliate fees will be no more than $20.00 per year, including National and State fees.


Fund-raiser campaigns or events will be limited to two per calendar year.

Review of books:

At the end of each fiscal year, or more frequently if necessary, the Finance officer’s books must be reviewed by the AAUW-WHC Review Committee.

The President shall appoint a Review Committee Chairperson.

The Chairperson invites the Finance Officer and the treasurers of AAUW Funds, EYH, and Baker-Telfer Fund along with two (2) or more other members to meet as a Review Committee. Treasurers review books other than their own but are available to answer questions if necessary.

The EYH and branch books should be accompanied by the minutes so that expenditures can be verified as authorized.

Copies of the results of the review go to each treasurer and the branch president for their records.

Chairperson presents results of the review at first board meeting of the fiscal year and posts results in September newsletter.

Signature changes:

The President, the Branch Finance Officer and AAUW Funds Vice President shall meet at the bank utilized by WHC to sign signature cards prior to the start of the new fiscal year.

Minutes from the Annual Meeting and Election of Officers shall be provided for the bank.

Special requests and expenditures:

The Board of Directors shall annually approve contributions to any membership in other organizations.

Requests for designation of funds must be presented to the board prior to being discussed at the branch meetings. (This covers donation, appropriation, special funds, and fundraising events.).

All agreements for services to the branch shall be written in advance and shall specify the exact services to be rendered and costs thereof.

An itemized bill shall be approved and signed by the appropriate chairperson and submitted with an attached reimbursement form to the Branch Finance Officer for costs incurred by the committee.

AAUW FUNDS (Educational Opportunities, Eleanor Roosevelt, Legal Advocacy, Public Policy, Student Leadership Development):

Donations to AAUW Funds go directly to National and do not pass through the branch’s books.

Expenses for AAUW Funds shall be deducted from profits.

A memorial gift of $25.00 for a member and $15.00 for a spouse or child shall be given to AAUW Funds by branch Treasurer.

Acknowledgement of a memorial gift comes from National and a note from AAUW WHC.

Request for named gift honoree recommendations announced in April or May newsletter and names submitted to AAUW Funds Vice President. Branch members may make recommendations for named gifts to the AAUW Funds Vice President.

AAUW Funds Vice President Funds and committee will discretely select the honoree(s) from the names submitted and report to the board in May prior to the Spring Luncheon.

Honorees shall be recognized with a certificate given at the Spring Luncheon.

A historical record of named gift honorees shall be kept for future reference by the AAUW Funds Vice President.


Each year, when making appointments, the President shall appoint a Chairperson to head the Selection Committee of the Baker-Telfer Scholarships.

The Selection Committee, which shall be appointed by the Chairperson, shall consist of four (4) members and shall be responsible for the selection process.

Funding of the Baker-Telfer Scholarship is through member donations.

Three scholarships $1000 each are awarded to one girl from a high school in the following districts: Alief ISD, Houston ISD, and Spring Branch ISD.

The scholarships shall be awarded at the June Luncheon or final gathering of the year.


Requests for announcements through the data base must be authorized by the Branch President.

Data base use is limited to:

*Announcements of branch, state, and national meetings that directly involve branch members.
*Publication of the newsletter and a monthly calendar.
*Announcements of deaths, serious illnesses (with permission of the member).
*Announcements of branch-wide membership fundraising, cultural, and social events.
*Announcements of branch-wide interest congruent with the organization’s goals.

Interest groups and other committees will make announcements of their activities in the newsletter for the coming month not directly from the data base. Each interest group leader shall be responsible for keeping an e-mail/phone list of persons who have expressed interest in the group’s activities and announce reminders through their list.


The directory shall include only those members whose dues are paid.

The directory shall refer to members by given names, but include a preferred name when requested.

The directory shall be published in September and distributed no later than mid-October. Directories will be mailed to new members as soon as they are available.

The member contact information in the directory is for the personal use of members. It is not to be used for professional gain or to advertise professional services via email lists or mailings.


The Newsletter is published every month except for July and August.

The Newsletter is distributed electronically via email to all members with access to e-mail and whose dues are current.

The Newsletter is distributed by standard mail upon request; however, to help avoid postage costs, members are encouraged to engage a fellow branch member to print a copy.

A maximum of two (2) newsletters only shall be mailed to each prospective member.

Content of the Newsletter must be approved by the President before final publication.

The Newsletter Editor will identify type of font (Arial) that best communicates information for inclusion.


Houston, Texas shall be used after AAUW West Harris County in all publications communicated outside of local area

Articles for publication shall be proofread and approved by the board.

Staging of photo shoots shall involve prior planning for maximum results.

WEBSITE: (Also refer to policies listed under Section VI. Database)

Board approval required before posting on the website.

Messages shall be AAUW related.

Member contact information shall be limited to the use of names and e-mail addresses only.

Branch Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, Strategic Plan and Branch History shall be posted.


No branch member or officer shall write a letter or speak, except for official branch business, using the name of West Harris County Branch or AAUW without proper approval of the board (Bylaws, Article III).

Prior board approval is required for any activities of the AAUW West Harris County Branch with any other organization.


Each board member and/or chairperson shall submit a report of all activities/events at the end of the fiscal year.

The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for noting changes in the WHC Procedures & Policies document and for keeping the official copy up to date.

This policy statement of the AAUW West Harris County Branch shall be approved by the Board of Directors and distributed to each member.

An AAUW silver past president’s pin shall be given to each outgoing President; it is ordered by the Recording Secretary to be presented at the Spring Luncheon. AAUW Past Pres Pin Form PDF

An AAUW president’s pin shall be given to each President at her installation; it is ordered by the outgoing President to be presented at the Spring Luncheon. AAUW President’s Pin