The Word From Sharon


As I write this, Hurricane Florence continues to wreak havoc in the Carolinas and beyond. It brings back memories of Harvey. We are thankful that many of our members whose homes were so seriously damaged are now back in their homes or are resettled somewhere else. But we must not forget that some members are

still struggling with insurance companies, contractors, etc. We hope that they will be settled soon.

Thank you to Jo Glidewell and everyone who helped make our Membership Coffee such a success. New members were so enthusiastic about our branch and many signed up for numerous activities. Please remember to warmly welcome them when they attend any one of our wonderful interest groups. Joining a group for the first time when everyone else seems to know each other can be daunting.

October brings us our Harvest Moon Ball. Your absence is requested but your support is solicited. Remember to keep February 23, 2019, on your calendar for our Expanding Your Horizons Conference. We will need you to volunteer for this tremendous undertaking in order to make it a success.

Sharon Jorgeson, WHC Branch President