The Word From Mary


We have been fortunate to have such interesting speakers at our general meetings. Jennifer Salazar, representative from the Better Business Bureau, is an informative speaker and very entertaining. Plan to attend the branch’s March 21 meeting, as this is the Annual Meeting at which the election of new board members for 2020-2021 will be conducted.

Members in our bridge group were talking about their azaleas blooming so soon. Years ago, when I lived in Massachusetts, I would dream about Houston (home) with the azaleas blooming. Winters in Massachusetts can last until April or May. We are glad to be in Houston during this colorful season. The mild spring weather makes this the perfect time to enjoy the branch’s outdoor activity groups: Hiking Honeys, Byway Birders, and Cultural Activities. Check out the offerings of these groups elsewhere in this newsletter and “hop on board” to take advantage of Houston’s beautiful spring weather

Mary C Peterson, WHC Branch President