The Word From Mary

Mary C Peterson, WHC Branch President

Our AAUW-WHC Branch held their first Zoom board meeting on May 11, 2020. It was good to see everyone. It seems that some activity groups are continuing to meet on Zoom. Some of our members are even playing bridge this way.

We need to thank all the members who made phone calls to members, sewed face masks, and mailed the masks to members: Linda Marlin, Roslyn Metchis, Willette Norman, Pat Pease, Gail Rickey, Pam Doan, Carolyn Stoffel, Miriam Vyles, Jane Wood, Mary Peterson, Rose Ennis, and Susan Dunten.

Remember to renew your membership; the deadline for renewal is June 30. Also, think of a friend or relative who would be a new member. We are planning our 2020 Membership Coffee for August 29. Like so many future events during this time, we are not sure what the status will be by August, but we are hopeful. Watch for blast updates.