The Word From Anne


I wholeheartedly encourage you to volunteer to be a facilitator at our Expanding Your Horizons Conference on February 24!  Helping to expose 450 middle school girls to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is as important as it is rewarding, and our members’ participation is crucial to making the event a success. Even after having volunteered at EYH for several years now, I still find the scale of the event impressive! My deepest thanks go to the many volunteers from WHC Branch who spend hours and hours of their time planning and executing the conference.

Facilitating involves being in a classroom with a presenter and students, making sure the session runs smoothly. Along with completing a short evaluation form about the presentation afterwards, that’s pretty much it. The perks of the job are getting to learn along with the girls about a STEM topic from an expert in the field and getting to interact with wonderful, inquisitive adolescents.

So, yes, you can do this. Please support our branch’s major annual outreach project by signing up! Contact the EYH Facilitators Coordinator Jane Wood at , and let her know if you prefer helping in the morning or afternoon. Thanks in advance for offering your time to EYH!

Anne Amador, WHC Branch President