Membership Information


We wish to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to the following new members of West Harris County Branch. We encourage them to “dip their toes into the pond” and become involved with some of the branch’s many projects and activities. We are happy to have you with us.

  • Carol Boberg
  • Kris Bybee-Finley
  • Beth Camacho
  • Kathy Cook
  • Jane Cooper
  • Gail Covele
  • Dolly Davenport
  • Linda Fountain
  • Linda Graessle
  • Ann Gree
  • Millie Hast
  • Pat Hicks
  • Irene Infante
  • Pat Ingram
  • Christine Jenkins
  • Sabrina Kesle
  • Kathy Knop
  • Shirley Lee
  • Shari Mauthner
  • Ann McCoy
  • Suzanne Minton
  • Bridgette Mongeon
  • Neethi Nayak
  • Rose Niles
  • Pamela Ossorio
  • Nancy Rilling

Jo Glidewell – Membership V.P.

The information below is important for all NEW West Harris County Branch members.


If you are an existing member and still need to order, please follow the instructions below. We’re hearing more reports everyday about how nice it is to have portable name tags to wear to all the AAUW functions.

Go To

SelectWear AAUW (the first item) Ordering your name tag is easy and wearing it helps us get to know you.

SelectPhoto of the Name Tag

SelectPin or Magnet – ($8.00 for pin closing and $10.00 for magnetic closing)


Select – “Customize” and fill in the information requested (name, university, and name of branch) Refer to example above

Make sure the information for the name badge is correct and proceed to checkout

New Members – How to Join

Joining AAUW is easy, and where you take that membership is up to you. You can engage in your community branch on the front lines or you can join a virtual AAUW community online; whatever your level of involvement, your membership supports and furthers AAUW’s mission to advance equity for women and girls.  Contact Jo Glidewell – for information on how to become a member of the West Harris County Branch of AAUW.

Just the facts

  • Who can join?
  • Membership is open to anyone holding an associate’s (or equivalent, e.g. RN), bachelor’s, or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • What type of membership is available?
  • National membership: Become a national member and connect through our website, plus enjoy special members-only online publications.
  • Branch members: Do you want to make a direct impact in your community? Consider joining a local or virtual branch of AAUW, or start one in your area.  Includes national membership.
  • Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF): Designed by and for women in their 20s and 30s, YWTF offers young women an opportunity to take action on issues that matter most to them.
  • Student affiliation: If your college is already a partner member, you can be a student affiliate for free! If not, bring AAUW to your campus by starting an AAUW student organization!
  • How much are dues?
  • AAUW National membership annual dues are $49 (promotional and other rates may vary).
  • If you choose to join an AAUW affiliate, additional dues may apply.
  • Tax Deductibility: Because AAUW is a 501(c)(3) charitable membership organization, most of your national dues are tax deductible on your personal federal income tax return