Fall Funds Campaign

“Greatest Needs” Needed YOU and YOU Responded
Yes, the response received from our branch was overwhelming and exceedingly generous to say the least!  In October, our fundraising chair, Susan Dunten, had just concluded our traditional fall campaign, and she felt very grateful for the support of the membership. It just so happened though, around this same time, our branch was close to fulfilling all of the requirements to achieve National’s 5 Star Recognition and receiving this award is a BIG DEAL. Among many other things, it specified that we would have to increase our Greatest Needs contributions by 25% from the previous year, and before the end of calendar year!  That did not give us much time, for sure.  After many meetings and looking at the data, it was concluded that another $1300 would have to be raised quickly. Working with our WHC Board, it was approved to approach the membership with an additional appeal to come up with the shortfall. A second request was sent to the membership at the end of November.

Wow! The checks started coming in immediately. Our branch did not hold back and because of YOU we have achieved 5 STAR Recognition which is a significant accomplishment!

An additional $4,230.00 was sent to the Greatest Needs Program, far surpassing the $1300 which was our goal.

What a pleasure it has been working with Susan Dunten who jumped right in when we asked her to help with this additional appeal for funds with an incredibly short December 31st deadline!

Can you feel the glow of the stars shining on all of you?

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

Mary Peterson and Rose Ennis

The Baker-Telfer Scholarship has never been more important.  I hope we can be extra generous this year to show our caring, even during a pandemic.

West Harris County Branch of AAUW is the largest branch in Texas so we should be the largest donors in the state!  I really have no idea how much the other branches give, but I hope we can continue to show our gratitude and generosity.

Your long time member and Funds co Vice President,
Susan Dunten

AAUW Greatest Needs Fund (9110)

Every gift to AAUW makes a difference — but your dollars go furthest when you donate to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund or our strategic focus areas. This fund allows AAUW to respond rapidly, in our communications and advocacy, to critical issues affecting women as they emerge — whether it’s a new threat to Title IX, an opportunity to partner with employers, or the dawn of a social justice movement like #MeToo. When donations are not restricted to fellowships or specific projects, we have the dollars we need to pivot as the national dialogue shifts — and get our work covered by major media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN and Fortune.

Greatest Needs is also what fuels our groundbreaking research and effective advocacy work to pass fair-pay laws and other key equity legislation.

Giving to Greatest Needs is a great way to ensure AAUW’s continued visibility, relevance and sustainability. On the donation form, please select “Use my gift where it’s needed most” to contribute to this important fund.

Legal Advocacy Fund (3999)

The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) works to challenge sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace. Resources range from community outreach programs to backing of major cases.

Sex discrimination today takes a variety of forms: unfair pay, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and violations of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 which can affect both women and men. LAF addresses these barriers by informing people of their rights and using the legal system to seek justice and change.

LAF is involved with a number of gender related issues. Women workers denied promotions at Wal-Mart, military veteran survivors of sexual assault, and college/university staff who are experiencing unfair pay are some of the plaintiffs AAUW assists through the case support program.

More information can be found by clicking the following link.


Education & Training For Women (4450)

Addresses the barriers that prevent women from thriving in school and pursuing the careers of their dreams. That means championing equal access to education and ensuring women can learn in environments free from harassment and discrimination.

The Foundation’s cornerstone has always been the remarkable energy and commitment of AAUW members, other individuals, corporations, and foundations that make contributions and help raise money for the Foundation’s work.

Leadership Initiatives for Women (4452)

Supports the effort to bolster the number of women in top roles across industries by addressing systematic biases and giving women the skills and resources they need to lead.

Economic Security for Women  (4449)

Promotes women’s livelihoods through advocacy for fair-pay legislation, researching the pay gap, training women to negotiate for the salaries they deserve, and advising employers on fostering fair cultures.