Work Smart & Start Smart: Salary Negotiation

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On February 24, 2020, Michele G. Taylor, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of the Graduate School at Texas Southern University, presented the Start Smart program to TSU students. The workshop teaches college age students:

How to Negotiate for a Higher Salary and Help Close the Wage Gap

  • Learn what the wage gap means
  • Determine what their salary and benefits should be
  • Develop a personal budget to determine their minimum acceptable salary
  • Practice salary negotiation skill-building exercises

The event was sponsored by Texas Southern University, Capital One Bank, AAUW-West Harris County, INTV and Positive Perspective Mentors & Educational Services. Arlene Russell from INTV videoed the presentation for promotional use by our branch and Dr. Taylor.

Special Guests included Celia Lopez (Capital One Bank), Susan Kizer (Federal Reserve Bank), Arlene Russell (INTV), Ed Bubb (Network of Opportunities Abound Here, “NOAH”), AAUW-West Harris County members and Dr. Sonnice Estill (Health Care Administration-Graduate Advisor at TSU).

Our branch provided $550 from an AAUW Texas grant to enable TSU to purchase a 3 year Start Smart license. In addition, branch members provided a light meal for the event.

On March 31, 2020, Dr. Taylor will again present the program at TSU. This event will be coordinated by students of the Wesley Foundation, Barbara Jordan Student Leadership Program. Our AAUW grant will provide $300 toward food for this gathering.

Up next is organizing the Work Smart portion of our state grant. If you are interested in helping with this endeavor, please email Rose Ennis or Carolyn Morris

by Carolyn Morris