West Harris County AAUW officers

Elected Officers 2023 – 2024

President – Poupette Farnell
President–Elect – Jo Glidewell
Vice President for Program – Lilian Care
Vice President for Membership – Carolyn Stoffel
Vice Presidents for AAUW Funds- Helen Satire, Diane Statham
Finance Officer – Diana Tiberia
Recording Secretary – Peggy Edwards
Corresponding Secretary – Becky French
Past President
– Anne Amador

CONTACT – infoaauwwhc@gmail.com

2023-2024 Appointed Committee Chairs and Representatives

Activities Coordinator: Sharon Jorgeson
Thomsen-Baker-Telfer Scholarship: Brenda Moss, Anne Amador, Sharon Jorgeson, Shari Mauthner, Carolyn Morris, Pamela Ossorio
By-Laws: Margaret Carlson
Database Manager: Mary Andersen
Directory Editor: Pam Doan
Historian: Nancy Guilloud
Holiday Party Chair: Poupette Farnell
Hospitality Chair: Debbie Rossi
Newsletter Editor:  Laura Cahill
Parliamentarian:  Diana Guarniere
Public Policy: Georgia Kimmel
Student Chapter Liaison:  Anne Amador
Web Mistress: Susan Boone & Pamela Ossorio

Activity and Interest Group Chairs and Co-chairs 2023-2024

Coordinator:  Sharon Jorgeson
Bridge: Peg McNealy, Cheryl Smith
Byway Birders: Pat Dach, Bernice Hotman
Cultural Activities: Jane Wood and Mary Andersen
Garden Divas: Susan Boone
Classic Gourmet:  Barbara Cook, Kris Bybee-Finley
Great Decisions:
     Thursday Afternoon Group:   Martha Ewell
     Tuesday Afternoon Group:   Pat Thomsen
     Wednesday Evening Group:   Willette Norman
Hiking Honeys:  MaryMordie, Sara Dalton
Vicarious Voyagers: Hazel Kjos
The Wise Group: Karen North, Rose Ennis
Book Clubs: 
       Afternoon Contemporary Literature:
  Linda Morgan, Cheryl Smith
       Contemporary ReadersSharon Pope, Cathy Urquart
       Enjoying History: Nancy Guilloud, Nancy Gusler
       Evening Contemporary Literature: Jo Glidewell
       Mystery Book Group: Kris Bybee-Finley, Pat Pease
       Outstanding Literature:  Leigh Rappole, Barbara Butler
       ZOOM Eclectic Book Group: Carolyn Morris, Pat Thomsen

Branch Past Presidents

  • Arlene Baker 1976-1978
  • Jean Legge 1978
  • Diana Guarniere 1978-l980
  • Carol Ashton 1980-1982
  • Rita Tucker 1982-1983
  • Betty Brents 1983-1984
  • Margaret Ann Carlson 1984-1985
  • Marilyn Arendt 1985-1986
  • Betty Berkey 1986-1988
  • Gayle Baker 1988-1990
  • Marilyn Arendt 1990-1992
  • Barbara Albright Hopkins 1992-1994
  • Susan Dunten 1994-1996
  • Lynn Patterson Smith 1996-1998
  • Elizabeth Houston 1998-2000
  • Becky Townsend 2000-2002
  • Marietta Hostak 2002-2004
  • Roslyn Metchis 2004-2005
  • Remi Willoughby 2005-2006
  • Susan Alami 2006-2008
  • Mary Edwards 2008-2010
  • Diana Guarniere 2010-2012
  • Betty McCutchan 2012-2014
  • Traci Jensen 2014-2016
  • Nancy Guilloud 2016-2017
  • Anne Amador 2017-2018
  • Sharon Jorgeson 2018-2019
  • Mary Peterson  2019-2020
  • Carolyn Morris 2020-2021
  • Rose Ennis 2021-2022
  • Anne Amador 2022-2023

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