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Annual Spring Style Show – May 3 SAVE THE DATE!

Please check your newsletter (found online) for specific activities for each group.

Cultural Activities invites you to join your friends for a fun time sailing on Galveston Bay on Wednesday, May 20. We will go by county bus to sail on the Captain Kidd, a Coast Guard inspected 55’ Schooner. The captain and first mate will do all the work! There will be room for the first 28 people who send a check right now to our leader, Linda Morgan, and a wait list for others. We must pay in advance for the private charter so “first come, first served”. If we are unable to fill the boat you will get your money back. If you find you are unable to go, we hope to have a wait list for you. You may bring “refreshments” to the boat but no coolers. They have one you can use. The plan is to arrive for a 2PM sail and then go to Noah’s Ark Bar and Restaurant in Baycliff for dinner after our 2 hour sail and then return to Houston. If you want to be aboard, send your check for $36 ASAP to Linda Morgan, 11934 Riverview Dr., Houston, 77077. Questions? Contact her at 281-293-0976 or amorgan352@sbcglobal.net As usual guests will be welcome if space permits.

Look at the interesting activities that are offered by our various groups this month Whatever your interest, there is a group for you. Pick something that grabs your attention; contact the person coordinating that activity to participate. Then write that commitment on the first page of your brand new 2017 Calendar. Have a great year, day by day.

Please note that some dates and times for meetings, activities, and events may have changed due to the effects of Harvey, the inclement weather days we have experienced recently and the current flu outbreak.

Be sure to check the newsletter to insure you have the right date, place and time for an anticipated event instead of relying solely on the directory or previously published schedules.


Unless otherwise noted, all meeting will be held at the Harris County Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Drive, Houston, TX  77042 (713.266.9193). The center is located one block east of the West Sam Houston Tollway and one block south of Richmond Avenue. Guests are welcome.