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Each March, AAUW-WHC elects officers for the following year.  Since our branch meetings are still via Zoom, we will again use Survey Monkey to hold the election electronically.

The Nominating Committee submitted the following nominations:

President-elect:  Anne Amador
Vice President for Program:  Lilian Care
Vice President for AAUW Funds:  Debbie Campbell
Corresponding Secretary:  Becky French
Finance Officer:  Diana Tiberia

Step 1 – “Nominations from the Floor”

Under “normal” conditions we would be face-to-face in a regular meeting and members would have the opportunity to make nominations from the floor.  The presiding officer would announce each nominee put forward by the Nominating Committee and would then call for further nominations for that office. At that point in the meeting, a branch member could nominate another member (with that member’s consent) or nominate herself. If any additional nominations were made, the branch would then have multiple candidates from which to choose for that office.

This year the process to call for additional nominees is being done via this newsletter announcement.  This newsletter is sent to all branch members, any of whom may nominate another member or herself for any of the five offices to be filled following this process:

  1. Secure the agreement of the person being nominated; then
  2. Send the name of person and the office for which she is being nominated to Carolyn Morris, President, either by email or “snail mail,” so that all nomination(s) are received no later than Friday, March 19.

If any additional nominations are received, they will be announced at the March 20, 2021, branch meeting.

Step 2 – Voting

The voting will be conducted using Survey Monkey. Following the March 20 meeting, each member will be sent an email with a link to the ballot. Watch for Step 2 later to cast your ballot.

Carolyn Morris
AAUW-WHC Branch President

Look at the interesting activities that are offered by our various groups this month Whatever your interest, there is a group for you. Pick something that grabs your attention; contact the person coordinating that activity to participate. Then write that commitment on the first page of your brand new 2020 Calendar. Have a great year, day by day.

Be sure to check the newsletter to insure you have the right date, place and time for an anticipated event instead of relying solely on the directory or previously published schedules.


Unless otherwise noted, all meeting will be held at the Harris County Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Drive, Houston, TX  77042 (713.266.9193). The center is located one block east of the West Sam Houston Tollway and one block south of Richmond Avenue. Guests are welcome.