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To Ensure Members Receive All WHC Communications

Every month I receive a call or two notifying me that a member is not receiving the newsletter and blasts from the branch. Most of the time this is because their email server is either sending it to their spam/junk folder or blocking it altogether because they are group emails. Though I have reduced the size of the groups, many providers have tightened their screening trying to keep spam emails out of inboxes.

I urge all members to add to their contacts. To further ensure that all blasts are allowed by your email server, add this email address to your trusted senders list. To do this, open your email program and click on Settings. Programs will vary a little. In Outlook, the list is under Junk Email. Yours may be titled differently. If you have any problems, feel free to contact Mary Andersen – information is in directory.

Some members may not be aware they are missing communications from the branch. Please ask your member friends if they have been receiving the branch newsletter and blasts. If anyone has not, give them the information in this article.